Posted on 2nd July, 2017


Our Constitution dictates that Shree Lohana Mahajan,  Ashton-U-Lyne hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM), mainly to inform members how the previous year went in terms of activities and finances, and to hold Elections for a Managing Committee with Officers to run the Mahajan for the next year.

Many years ago, we decided at such a General Meeting that the term for the Officers should be limited so that an unfair burden does not fall on just a few people, and so we can get new blood to lead and manage the Mahajan in order for it to grow and thrive. The term for President was limited to two consecutive years; for Secretary and Treasurer it was limited to three  consecutive years.

More recently we have decided at an AGM to hold Elections for the whole Committee every two years rather than annually, but we still hold an annual general meeting to give reports and provide Annual Accounts to our members. In most years, the AGM is linked to a Social event with food and sometimes music, so the formal Business part of the AGM takes an hour or less time.

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